Sump Repair

It is important that your containment sumps are not compromised thereby allowing groundwater in or fuel from a leaking STP component, out.  At US Tank Alliance, we pride ourselves on supplying comprehensive sump repair and testing services to all of our clients. Our services are performed by company trained technicians and are executed with little or no down time for your business.

Using our Incon TS-STS testing system, we make sure that your UST and STP, containments, spill buckets and dispenser pans are free of breaches, cracks or holes. Testing checks all of the appropriate connections throughout the system and ensures that all material running through is properly contained. It is our job to see that all components are water tight to guarantee an efficient structure for you and our environment.

Our Incon TS-STS testing system has high-resolution probes capable of detecting fluid changes greater than 0.002 inches with a 15 minute test period. It is capable of:

  • Testing and pinpointing specific component problems
  • Testing sumps at a threshold of 0.05 gallons/hour
  • Testing submersible containment sumps, spill buckets, dispenser pans, piping transition sumps, etc.
  • Testing up to four sumps simultaneously

In conjunction with client sump repairs and maintenance, it is critical that we keep the condition of the environment in our minds at all times. A leaking sump system is detrimental to the environment. Regular testing and repairing of your UST and STP containment systems ensures that the surrounding environment remains healthy and clean. 


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