US Tank Alliance is Your Best Choice for Professional Tank System Testing and Cleaning Services, Lighting Maintenance and Waste Removal

With certifications and expert training in all types of UST testing, US Tank Alliance ensures you not only maintain compliance, but continue to operate free of problems. We offer a comprehensive list of UST testing solutions, such as precision tank, line and leak detector, ATG certification, Stage II vapor recovery, Stage I Vapor Balancing, sump testing, and others. We also provide prompt emergency response service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UST TestingUST System Testing

Meeting your underground storage tank (UST) testing requirements-including the newest air quality emissions regulations mandated by the EPA-can be a challenge, especially if you have locations in multiple states. US Tank Alliance is ready to meet that challenge and remove all of the compliance guesswork. Learn More »

Tank CleaningTank Cleaning

Sludge buildup and microbial growth can pose serious problems for your storage tanks, lines, fittings and gauges. They can also impact the quality of the product you dispense from your tanks. Let US Tank Alliance protect your equipment and your reputation with our PetroPure® tank cleaning solution. Learn More »

Project ManagementProject Managment

Are you concerned about meeting your state and local UST regulations? We maintain a comprehensive database of all UST testing requirements and create a profile based on your equipment and location. Learn More »

Sump RepairSump Repair

It is important that your containment sumps are not compromised thereby allowing groundwater in or fuel from a leaking STP component, out.  At US Tank Alliance, we pride ourselves on supplying comprehensive sump repair and testing services to all of our clients. Our services are performed by company trained technicians and are executed with little or no down time for your business. Learn More »

Lighting MaintenanceLighting Maintenance

Our proactive service program offers companies a cost-efficient solution to lighting maintenance needs and the peace of mind that emergency lighting issues will be handled quickly, appropriately and professionally. Learn More »

Wast Transport & DisposalWaste Transport & Disposal

Our service offers companies the peace of mind that waste disposal will be handled appropriately and professionally, without complication or concern of violating environmental regulations. Learn why Speedway SuperAmerica and its parent company Marathon Petroleum have chosen US Tank Alliance as its waste removal partners. Learn More »

Did you know?

In January 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will mandate that all Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDF) with a monthly throughput of 100,000 gallons or more conduct Stage I Vapor Balancing testing every three years. To find out how US Tank Alliance can help you initiate a manageable compliance schedule for your facilities, call 1.866.UST.COMP. Read the Testing and Monitoring Requirements or the complete Stage I Vapor Balancing Regulations.

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