UST System Testing

Sludge buildup and microbial growth can pose serious problems for your storage tanks, lines, fittings and gauges. They can also impact the quality of the product you dispense from your tanks. Let US Tank Alliance protect your equipment and your reputation with our PetroPure® tank cleaning solution

PetroPure® and Ethanol Conversion

PetroPure® offers the best solution for cleaning and protecting your equipment and product. While other tank “cleaning” services offer incomplete coverage by simply purifying the fuel and returning it to a dirty tank, PetroPure® addresses the real problem of removing contaminants—without the need to enter or uncover the tank.

Our unique “trollball” methodology uses a high-pressure spray of cleaning agent to reach all sides the tank’s interior, dislodging sludge, dirt and micro-organisms. The system then pumps the sediment and solution to an above ground filtration system and continues the operation until the tank is thoroughly clean.

One of the biggest UST contaminants comes from Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-organisms (HUM bugs), which live in the interface between fuel and water. As the HUM bugs feed and multiply, they chemically alter the fuel and produce acidic by-products that cause fuel tank corrosion. The PetroPure® system eliminates this threat by cleaning the contents and all sides of the tank.

Ethanol Conversion Pumps

A thorough tank cleaning is crucial when converting standard fuel tanks to ethanol blend E-10 storage. Adding E-10 to a dirty tank causes the alcohol-based ethanol to dislodge the sludge and sediment. The debris becomes suspended in the fuel and dramatically reduces the quality of the product. Protect your equipment and your reputation by performing a thorough tank cleaning prior to ethanol conversion.

Did you know?

In January 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will mandate that all Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDF) with a monthly throughput of 100,000 gallons or more conduct Stage I Vapor Balancing testing every three years. To find out how US Tank Alliance can help you initiate a manageable compliance schedule for your facilities, call 1.866.UST.COMP. Read the Testing and Monitoring Requirements or the complete Stage I Vapor Balancing Regulations.

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